Highfields On Target CDX

Arrow's Story  


March 28, 1988 - December 7, 1995

Arrow was by CH Donlyns Iced Starfall out of CH Klassic Misconduct (Lizzie). He was a beautiful, heavy coated but oversized bi-black male and became my ex-husband Tom's first real obedience dog. Arrow was a happy go-lucky dog and he and Tom were absolutely devoted to each other. Tom trained him, completely by himself, to a CD and CDX (Tom had previously shown a dog in Utility, and finished the UD on it, without ever having trained a dog in Novice or Open).
Arrow died prematurely of a bowel obstruction, the cause of which was never determined. Tom was devastated by his loss.

Arrow and Brooke


Anna and Arrow trying to herd sheep

Arrow watching Anna herd sheep

Arrow helping Anna