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September 4, 1990 - November 3, 2000

Banyan was pointed in the breed ring and had 23 OTCh points, but I was forced to stop showing for a few years when I got divorced. During that time I had him neutered which effectively ended his breed career. I have been told many times that Banyan should have finished. In my heart he was a Champion!

Banyan devoted his life to protecting me from all harm, both real and imagined. He lived by his own set of rules and was most insistent that outsiders comply with them. He was unlike any Sheltie I've ever owned and is very much missed - at least by me.

Banyan' s life was cut short due an aggressive, fast growing cancer that affected both his colin and prostate.

(pts/OTCh pts/OFA Good SS1951G /Eyes Normal Cerf SS-1500/ Thyroid Normal)



A Tribute to Banyan

by Beverly Miller


Anna Whiting's "Banyan" was a classic blue merle. With his type and beauty, he could best, as well as equal, others in the show ring. He was truly the outstanding blue in Florida. Pointed, "Banyan" did not achieve his championship due to personal circumstances in Anna's life. 

He was Anna's "champion" and this is what really mattered. To Anna, "Banyan" was fiercely loyal, loving and protective. And she, in turn, was the same to him. He took his role as guardian very seriously, sometimes perplexing as well as amusing we humans.  Anyone who traveled to shows with Anna, no matter how many times, was not getting back into the motor home. Passwords and cajoling didn't work with this blue guard, unless Anna was present. 

The first time I saw "Banyan", he was heeling merrily in the obedience ring with Anna. Needless to say, I was impressed by him and his performance. Somewhere along the way I dubbed "Banyan" the "General", due to his flair for keeping other Shelties, as well as quite a few humans, in line. Of course, the rest of Anna's Shelties had to be known as the "Foot Soldiers".

I was delighted to be accepted by "Banyan" as his admirer and friend. I believe he was well aware of how I felt about him. Every once in a while, "Banyan" would check out the "Foot Soldiers" and visiting Shelties with a dignified air and a proper military stare. Upon seeing that they met muster, he would give a Sheltie grin, as if to say, "See, I've got everything under control." And so he did.


Sleep well, irreplaceable "Banyan"

You are loved and missed.




Banyan at 5 1/2 months of age


Banyan Show Photographs





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