Highfields Wind N' Rain UD

Blizzard's Story

12/01/89 to 04/03/01


Blizzard was the sweetest, kindest dog I ever owned. He lived to please and loved the whole world. Although many considered him funny looking (he was affectionately called "the giraffe" by his many friends) he was beautiful in spirit. Even through all his pain at the end, he still trusted me implicitly. I know he is waiting at the bridge with that silly, lovable grin on his face.

OTCH pts


A Tribute to Blizzard

by Beverly Miller


Anna Whiting's "Blizzard", all twenty inches of him, had a heart as big as he was. With his laid-back persona and dignified air, he was a true Sheltie gentlemen.

"Blizzard's sire was "Arrow" (Highfields on Target, CDX) and his dam "Brooke" (OTCh Highfields First Frost, UD) and he was heir to their skill in the obedience ring.

"Blizz" finished his UD before he was 17 months, going from his CD to his UD in less than nine months. The weekend he finished his UD, he picked up 18 OTCh points by winning Utility B. Due to a reoccurring shoulder problem, "Blizzard" retired with 26 OTCh points to his credit.

Because of his size, "Blizzard" always made a memorable and lasting impression on those meeting him for the first time. What made him especially unique was his graciousness in his interactions with all those he encountered... be they canine or human. "Blizz" truly exemplified the sweetness, gentleness and kindliness that is the hallmark of well-bred Sheltie temperament.

Toward the end of his life, "Blizzard" also was a courageous fellow, gamely dealing with limitations caused by infirmities. If there were a term to sum up the essence of "Blizzard", it would be the word "gallant". For all his days on earth, that is what he truly was.







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