OTCh Highfields First Frost UD


  2/27/85 - 12/28/97

My beloved Brooke was produced by Roranjoli's Buy Blue Jeans, (a Deep Purple son) out of Flower.

Brooke earned her CD, CDX and UD within nine months qualifying her for a Dog World Award. She finished her OTCh within a year after completing her UD and for the four years that she was campaigned, earned many High in Trial and High Combined awards. She was in the top 20 in all three National Ranking Systems (Delaney, Shuman and OTCh points) through her entire career, in spite of taking time out to produce two litters.

She rode many, many miles with me, sitting in the passenger seat of the motor home, staring at me intently, occasionally reaching over with her paw and tapping me on the arm to make sure I was paying attention. She always looked like she wanted to say something and I am convinced that if she had lived long enough, she would have eventually mastered it!



SIT? ... STAY? ... No problem!



For me? Yummy!


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