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Caper winning his first point, from BBE class Caper finishing his Championship from the BBE class

Caper Finished his Championship in grand style on March 12, 2016 by going Winners Dog at the SSCSEFl Specialty under respected Judge Charlotte Clem McGowan. He was owner handled from the Bred by Class.

I am so proud of this little dog.

Thanks go to his co-breeder, Linda Vanderlaan, for leasing his Dam, Vankrols Taegan "Rosie" to me making everything possible.


 From 8 weeks

To first points at one year - WD/BOS

Major Reserve

Show Win - WD/BOW

Show Win - WD/BOW Show Win - WD/ BOW
Show Win -WD/BOW Show Win -WD

Major Show Win - WD/BOW

Caper gaiting

CAPER  2012 ASSA National Specialty-Open Blue Dog Class shown by Jane Hammett-Bright
Candid Ring Shots - Credit Kenneth Reed Photography:
Caper Face - Ocala Nov 2010 Caper - Ocala 2010

From my third most recent litter, Caper is sired by Highfields Winter Weather (Badger) out of Vankrols Taegan (Rosie).  He has a pretty outline, very nice movement, good earset, and pleasing expression. Like his dad, Caper is very moderate. He has matured at 14 7/8" and is coming together nicely. He never went through an awkward stage like many sheltie puppies do - he simply grew up.

Thanks go to Javier Cespedes for many of the puppy pictures, as well as pictures at his first show.

Caper attended his first weekend of shows in Deland, Fl at just over 6 months old. He had a wonderful time and received many compliments from other exhibitors and from both judges. On Saturday he was one of four dogs pulled for consideration for Winner's dog (4 point major) by Judge Donald Booxbaum. Although shown sparingly he won his puppy class every time and at his final show as a puppy he took Reserve Winners Dog.


Caper is now pointed!

Just a few days after his first birthday Caper was WD/BOS from the Bred-by class at the Boca Raton Dog Club show for his first point.

Due to time restraints from my job, for years I have been unable to attend shows more than sporadically. As of the end of 2010 I have now retired and am looking forward to being able to attend more shows. So far, in limited showing, Caper now has 13 points. one major (and two major reserves) mostly owner handled.  Thank you April Dunford (Summerlove Shelties) for your guidance and support, and Jane Hammett (Shadow Hills Shelties) for his last 2 minor points and a major reserve. Jessica Starbuck put a third maor reserve on him. He was owner/Breeder handled to 15 points and both majors.

Caper finished his Championship in March 2016 at the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Southeast Florida, under highly respected judge and former Sheltie breeder, Charlotte Clem McGowan. with a 4 point major, owner handled from the bred by exhibitor class.


Caper is:

CHIC certified: # 73146

Hips:  Excellent - OFA #SS-17578E36M He was owner -VPI

vWD:  Clear - Vetgen report #56458 - OFA#SS-VW386/16M-VPI

Eyes:  Clear - CERF SS7490 

MDR1 Gene Mutation: Normal/Normal



Caper is now proven!

His first litter, out of Windmill's Sister Act (a "CH Icon Drops of Jupiter" daughter) was born April 15, 2010

5 puppies, a blue girl, two tri boys and two tri girls.

The blue girl, "Skye", while absolutely gorgeous, was destined to be too small and went to a wonderful home in Jacksonville, Fl. One tri boy found a show home in Peru,  the second tri boy, "Will"  has found a show home in North Carolina with Linda Vanderlaan, one tri girl is being grown out by the breeder, Javier Cespedes, and the final tri girl "Widget" came to live here but was running on the small side so she went to live with a loving family in Aventura, Fl

Below are some pictures of the three "pick" puppies

Blue Girl - Skye   7 weeks Skye  - Age 2
Widget (Highfields Its all about me) 7 weeks Widget 6 months
Pick Boy -Will  (Windmills I am Legend) 7 weeks "Will" as a young adult. Sorry it's so blurry.

Below are some pictures of Caper growing up, followed by pictures taken at his first show:

Updated April 2016


 Caper at 5 1/2 weeks

Caper at 8 weeks

Caper 5 months

Caper 5 months

Caper 6 months - left

Caper 6 months - right


Caper's First Show

Baiting on the table

Judge going over head

Being examined by Judge

Caper moving

Showing like a big boy

This is FUN!!


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