OTCh Highfields Gone Flying  UDX4,VER,OM4,NA,NAJ,RN


(a.k.a "Harry")

Cessna is by Shadow Hill's Polaris out of Highfields Free Flight - Glider.


This little 13" blue merle male, owned, loved and trained by Mary Jane Kelley,  finished his Obedience Trial Championship on April 23, 2006, three days before his third birthday.

On the road to his OTCh he had a pretty impressive career.


 He finished his CD in 2004 with numerous placements, including 9 firsts & 8 seconds.


 According to "Front & Finish", in 2004 he was the #1 Sheltie and # 2 Herding dog

  and in the top 10 all breeds  in Novice (Delaney system - number of dogs beaten).


 He was also #3 Sheltie and #5 Herding in the First and Foremost rankings

(based on scores)



In Jan 2005 he finished his CDX with scores of 195, 196 and 198 1/2

 with a High In Trial from Open B (first leg).

Then in February he again won Open B in Valdosta, Ga

earning another High In Trial.



In July 2005 Mary Jane and Cessna vacationed in NY  where they attended an extended weekend of shows on the Fourth of July weekend.

Cessna won Open B the first two days, also going High in Trial both days. The third day he won Utility B (and earned his first leg in Utility) and was second in Open B which earned him High Combined.

Later in July after returning home Cessna again won Utility B at the Daytona Trials for his second leg, finishing his title on October 8th at the Orlando Trials with a 197 and second place in Utility B (in Fl there are very few trials during the summer heat hence the long time between second and third legs).


The following day he won a large Utility class (with a score of 197.5) and placed second in Open B (198.5) earning High Combined AND 51 OTCH points in his first weekend as a Utility dog.

He finished his OTCh and UDX in April 2006 and moved on to the Agility ring, while continuing to show in Obedience. He earned his NA and NAJ in Agility and an RN in Rally.

In Aug 2006 Cessna added another HIT from Open B to his accomplishments. He finished the year in the top 5 for OTCh points and an invitation to the AKC Obedience Invitational to be held in California. In 2006 they did not attend the Invitational.

 Once again, in 2007 he finished in the top 5 and again in 2008. Mary Jane decided in 2008 to make the trip to California and attend. Cessna finished third runner-up against all the top dogs and trainers (all breeds) in the country.

Even though he was semi-retired and mostly being shown only in Utility he has well over 1000 OTCH Points and is in the top 25 All Breeds with numerous High in Trials. He retired at the end of 2011 after attending the AKC Invitational in Orlando.

Thank you Mary Jane and Cessna. I continue to be so proud of you!!

 Mary Jane and Cessna have fulfilled all my dreams.


Congratulations to Mary Jane and Cessna for their many accomplishments!


A little bit of history:

Mary Jane and her sheltie OTCH Tenorap's Bold McDuff  UD were my idols when I first started showing in 1974 (and still are). The OTCh came into existence in 1978 and Duffy finished his on July 8 1979 at the age of 10. He was the first Sheltie in Florida to obtain one and the 21st Sheltie in the country. During his career Duffy earned 25 HIT's, two perfect scores of 200 and many High Combined awards. Since he was campaigned before any of the jump heights were lowered, at 15 3/4" he had to jump 24/48.


Updated Aug 2011


Cessna is shown here at 10 weeks, 6 months and playing with one of his housemates






OTCH Zetta, OTCH Cessna, OTCH Hop


Below are some pictures of Cessna and Mary Jane in action:




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