My Beginning

I purchased my first sheltie in 1970. "Tanya", a 12-1/2" sable spent the first four years of her life being carried around in my arms; thoroughly spoiled, yet very smart. Finally, in 1974, while at a horse show (click here to see my "life before dogs"), I met Carol McKee, who had a little sheltie that was a "show dog". We discussed our sheltie children and I expressed interest in learning more about dog shows. Carol very tactfully explained about training Tanya in obedience. Tanya reminded me of a little fox and although she was actually pretty cute, she was not an ideal representation of a sheltie.

Carol invited me to go with her the next time she went to training classes, which were being offered by the Ft. Lauderdale Dog Club. After watching obedience classes and a Utility exhibition that night I was hooked. After that Carol introduced me to the breeder she had purchased her sheltie from, Dee Strahan of Cypress Shelties,  and before long I had joined both a sheltie club (at the time it was the "Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater Miami" and is now the "Shetland Sheepdog Club of South-East Florida") and an all-breed club, Fort Lauderdale Dog Club. I purchased my first two "show prospects" from Dee, who both went on to produce my first two homebred Champions.

Dee was the best mentor anyone could ever ask for and she was always willing to educate if you wanted to learn. She spent endless hours going over structure and heads and moving dogs so I could feel and see first-hand what was right and what was wrong. I owe a lot to her.

My Goals

Once I started attending shows and dog club meetings I realized immediately that obedience dogs were looked "down" upon by those showing in Conformation and made it my goal to produce dogs that excelled in both rings. From my first 2 litters I produced 2 CH-UD's, followed by an OTCH - (she never grew hair until she was spayed but I'm told she could have easily finished if she'd had hair). She produced two pointed offspring (one was a UDX with significant OTCH points) and a third with a UD and OTCH points.

In my 43 years in Shelties, I have bred 20 litters and have kept a puppy from almost every litter. Most of the dogs I've kept from those litters have either finished a Championship or been major pointed, or finished an Obedience title, or produced a Champion or major pointed offspring. Glider produced a top winning OTCH/UDX)/OM/VER. and of course Dollar who is the resident bad dog. My ultimate goal is to breed and finish a CH/OTCh but time and limited finances have forced me to put this goal on hold for the time being.

My Dogs

My dogs live in the house, sleep in my bed and are first and foremost my pets and companions. I try to keep the number of dogs that I keep at four, but since they live with me for life, I sometimes have exceeded this self-imposed limit. Before breeding my dogs are cleared for hips, eyes and and my current dogs for vWD and MDR1.

Past and Present Shelties of Highfields

Click on the dogs highlighted names to visit their individual page:

Past Dogs now waiting at the Rainbow Bridge:

Cypress Vanishing Act CDX (Willow) - My first showdog purchased from Dee Strahan of Cypress Shelties.Willow was by a "High Born" son out of a CH Meadow Ridge Good Night Steve daughter (BIS Ch Kismets Centurion x Cypress Cinnamon Candy CDX TD). Although Willow competed in the breed ring, she excelled in obedience and finished a CD and CDX with Dog World awards and had two legs in Utility when a bizarre accident cut her career short. Willow was the mother of "Branch", my first homebred Champion/UD.

Am/Can Ch Highfields Edge of Dawn UD (Branch) - My first Champion from my first litter, Branch was very special to me. Branch finished his UD in less than 9 months, before he was 2 earning a "Dog World" award. He was #35 on the CH/UD list. His father, Am/Can CH Cypress Blue Buccaceer UD was #38 on the CH/UD list.

Highfields Summer Storm CD (Summer) - My second bitch, also purchased from Dee Strahan. She was also by a CH "High Born" son and was out of a "High Born" granddaughter (CH Kismet's Counterpoint x Cypress Afternoon Delight). She was the mother of Rascal, my second CH/UD..

Ch. Highfields Summer Thunder UD (Rascal) - My second champion from my second litter. Rascal was #50 on the CH/UD list. While Rascal himself despised obedience (it took 50 shows to finish his UD, not because he couldn't do it, but because he chose not to), he produced many excellent obedience dogs, including two OTCH's (almost three - one had 86 points when a dislocated hip from an injury ended her career), and 8 with UD's. There were also quite a few with CD's and CDX's.

Highfields Dreaming is Free, CDX (Acacia) - From Branch's first litter (bred by Tom Cobb), out of a CH Banchory Deep Purple daughter.

Highfields Promises to Keep UD (Flower) - By Rascal out of Acacia. Flower had 18 OTCH points and was the mother of  "Brooke".

OTCh Highfields First Frost UD (Brooke) - My beloved Brooke was produced by Roranjoli's Buy Blue Jeans, (a Deep Purple son) out of Flower. She finished her CD, CDX and UD in less than 9 months qualifying her for a Dog World Award. In the 4 years that she was campaigned she was always in the National Rankings in Obedience (Shuman, Delaney and OTCH Points). She had multiple HIT's and numerous High Combined scores but is not listed as a UDX because the title did not come into effect until after she was retired.

Ch. Klassic Misconduct (Lizzie) - Purchased as an eight-month old at the 1986 National in Dallas from Joan McCord of Klassic Shelties. Lizzie was a very nice 14 3/4" bi-black bitch. After Lizzie completed her championship, she went to live with Bill and Irene Munsey of Donlyn Shelties for the remainder of her 16+ years.

Windstorms Only by Chance UD (Coon) - Coon was by Rascal out of a Ch Dorlane Kings Ransom daughter. Tom (my now x-husband) was bored attending the shows with me and just watching and wanted a dog of his own to show, so I gave him Coon to show in Utility. He quickly put all three legs on him and had never shown a dog before! Somewhat in reverse of how most people do it!

Highfields on Target CDX (Arrow) - by Ch. Donlyns Iced Starfall out of Lizzie (both were line-bred on Ch. Banchory Formal Notice). Arrow was an over-sized bi-black male that became Tom's (my now x-husband) obedience dog. Tom put a CD and CDX title on Arrow. After already having put a UD on one of my dogs, he had to go back and learn how to train one for Novice.

Highfields Wind n' Rain UD (Blizzard) - My surprise litter by Arrow out of Brooke. Because it was an accidental breeding (Arrow was neutered after that) I never registered the litter with AKC so Blizzard was registered with an ILP number. He grew to be 20" tall. He was a great obedience dog and finished his UD before he was 17 months old with some nice placements, even though he had to show in the "B" classes. He picked up 26 OTCh points rapidly. Unfortunately, he started having problems with lameness whenever he jumped and was retired.

Highfields Silent Snowfall UDX (Banyan) - Banyan was by Linden Lucifur out of "Brooke".  Banyan was pointed in conformation and had 24 OTCH points was never finished due to an unexpected divorce. Many people, included some well known handlers as well as other breeders felt I should have finished him, but unfortunately I had him neutered when I though I wasn't going to be able to show anymore.

Highfields Out of the Depths (Cousteau) - Cousteau was a littermate to Banyan and was co-owned by Christy Clark of Glenlyle Shelties. Cousteau earned his name after a fall in the swimming pool as a puppy. Cousteau lived with his co-owners, John and Christy Clark, and he was pointed.

Highfields Summer Wine CDX (Petal) -  A good friend of mine bred one of her bitches (a Rascal daughter out of a Branch daughter) to Banyan and gave me the tri bitch from that breeding (Petal). Petal produced one puppy, Beacon, and then was spayed. Petal was being trained in Utility but much preferred being a bed dog, so was officially retired to couch potato status.

Highfields Natures Showcase (Aspen) - Christy Clark of Glenlyle  Shelties and I purchased Aspen from Jennifer Houchins of Showcase Shelties. Aspen is line-bred on Ch. Alfenloch Ryan O'Neil. After two beautiful litters by Ch Shadow Hill's Air Force One, which produced Badger and Glider who I kept as well as Glenlyle Fly by Night (Lena) kept by her co-breeder, Christy Clark, Aspen was bred to Ch Toven Wintertide (Timmy, a Ch MacDega Asterick son). A beautiful blue merle bitch from that breeding is owned by Frank and MaryAnn Lannon of Larrikin Shelties. Aspen has been spayed and has gone to live at my sisters doggie retirement home, along with one of her sons from the first "Boomer" breeding, Highfields Puddle Jumper (PJ).

Highfields Winter Weather (Badger) - By BIS/BISS Ch. Shadow Hills Air Force One (Boomer) out of Aspen. Badger started his show career with a 4 point Specialty major and in limited showing accumulated 10 points. Badger is the sire of two Champions and three others with points. Some of his offspring can be seen on my puppy page.

Highfields Wayward Wind CD (Spats) - by Badger out of Vankrols Showcase Signature, a Ch Golden Hylites The Phantom daughter. Spats has outstanding temperment and expression. He is pointed from the Bred by class. In Obedience he finished his CD title in June 2008. His littermate, "Sky". finished his Championship in Nov 2004 with 3 majors!

Highfields Free Flight (Glider) - By BIS/BISS Ch. Shadow Hills Air Force One (Boomer) out of Aspen. This was a repeat of the breeding that produced Badger and Lena. Glider is a lovely, balanced 14" bi-black bitch with excellent structure, beautiful expression and an adorable personality. SHE thinks she's really cute! For her first litter Glider was bred to Shadow Hill's Polaris and produced OTCH Highfields Gone Flying UDX4,VER, OM4, RN, NA, NAJ (Cessna), owned and loved by Mary Jane Kelley. In Sept 2005 she delivered one puppy by c-section, an adorable little bi-blue girl sired by Spats (Highfields Wayward Wind CD - pts), who I named Highfields One for the Money ("Dollar").

Highfields Icebreaker CDX (Beacon) - Beacon is by VanKrols Fashion by Calvin (goes back to CH Tall Timbers Far Out Frisco) out of Petal. Also known as "monkey boy", Beacon was trained in Utility, but due to my work schedule and finances was never shown in Utility. He has an extremely outgoing personality . His pedigree combines all my original dogs, now all gone. I had intended to breed him to Glider to combine my "new" and my "old" lines, but after producing two other litters, he became sterile, so he was neutered. At 15+ he is limited some by the infirmities of old age but mentally is still "there" and insists on doing things on his own.


 Present Dogs:

(Note: Dogs with an asterisk before their name do not live here at Highfields)


Highfields One for the Money (Dollar) - is by Spats out of Glider. She is an adorable little 12 3/4" bi-blue girl with attitude to spare. She has been spayed and is now the resident "bad dog", ruling the rest of the clan with an iron paw.

Ch Highfields Winter Landscape (Caper)-  is sired by Badger and out of Vankrols Taegan (a full sister to Tempest, Freshet and Sky II, all shown on my puppy page). A big Thank You to co-breeder Linda Vanderlaan (Vankrol Shelties) for allowing me to lease "Rosie" for that litter and the one that produced Denims Dam, Facet. Caper has matured at 14 3/4" and is fulfilling all my hopes and expectations. In a handful of shows as a puppy he won his class at every show, and at his final show as a puppy took Reserve Winners. His first time out as an adult, just a few days past his birthday, he took WD, BOS from the Bred-by Class for his first point. He finished his Championship on March 12, 2016 in grand style with a 4 point Specialty win from the bred by class, under noted Sheltie judge Charlotte Clem McGowan.

Ch Highfields Remember When (Denim) - sired by BISS Ch Cameo Dreamchaser (Chase) out of Facet, Denim is from my most recent litter. At his first 2 shows, just 3 days after turning 6 months, he was Winners Dog both days for his first points. Thanks to April Dunford (SummerLove Shelties) and Gina Grosso (Charmaine) for all their help with him. Also huge thanks go to Carol Essrick for handling him for me for his first major! Denim finished his Championship, handled by Jessica Starbuck, on August 16, 2014. The remainder of his points were owner/breeder handled. Denim is co-owned by myself and Ellen Ragland.

Highfields Unforgettable (Salena) - Sired by Ch Highfields Remember When (Denim) out of Vankrol Bewitching Beauty (Salem). Salena is a delightful little 14 3/4" bi-black girl that loves to show off. She attended a handful of shows as a puppy and loved every minute of it. When she matures and grows coat she'll be back out.

 Highfields Dogs Elsewhere:

* OTCh Highfields Gone Flying UDX4 VER OM4 RN NA NAJ (Cessna) - is by Shadow Hill's Polaris out of Glider. This little 13" blue boy is owned, trained and shown by my very good friend, and obedience mentor, Mary Jane Kelley.  Whelped April 26, 2003, he finished his UD on October 8, 2005 and his OTCh on April 23, 2006. He has multiple High in Trials and High Combined awards as well as his Novice titles in Agility. He is now retired and ended his career with over 1100 Lifetime OTCH points.

*Highfields Tropical Winds (Tempest) - is by Badger out of Vankrols Tin Lizzie, a half sister to Spats. Tempest matured at close to 16", so after losing Aspen my sister chose him as Aspen's replacement. His sense of humor and "bad" streak has made him a much loved member of her "family". He is a sweet, fearless dog and has matured into a beautiful boy.

*Highfields Almost Winter (Facet) - is a full sister to Caper, from a repeat litter. She has a pretty face, lots of coat and bone and attitude to spare. I thank Linda Vanderlaan (Vankrols Shelties) for her generosity in allowing me to co-lease "Rosie" again and especially for letting me have the pick puppy! After producing a lovely litter (of one but the quality was there) sired by BISS Ch Cameo Dreamchaser (owned by Lorna Staab of Sta-a-Bit Shelties) Facet went  to live with her co-breeder and new co-owner, Linda Vanderlaan . In April 2012 Linda bred her to a Caper son, Windmills I am Legend and she produced 4 puppies, a Blue merle girl, a blue merle boy and 2 tri boys. The puppy I got from this litter completed the agreement I had with Linda so Facet now belongs solely to Linda. HOWEVER, Linda felt bad that I didn't get my girl puppy, so she repeated the breeding to Will in January 2013 and gave me both tricolor girls from that litter.

*Highfields Twilite Time (Minute) - is out of Facet, sired by a Caper son, Windmills I am Legend.. From the above mentioned litter I chose one a the tricolor boys, who has gone to live with my sister to fill the gap left by the loss of her "PJ" - Highfields Puddle Jumper, an "Air Force One" son and littermate to "Badger" and "Lena". He has been named "Highfields Twilite Time" and she calls him "Minute". He is a lovely puppy with a sweet, loving temperment, a beautiful face, correct head and great legs. He has matured at 15 1/4", but since my sister has no interest in showing he will be neutered.

*Highfields Ode To Joy (Lyric) - sired by Windmills I Am Legend (Will) out of Facet, Lyric is from the repeat breeding that produced my sisters lovely tricolor boy Highfields Twilight Time (Minute), co-bred with Linda Vanderlaan (Vankrols). Through the generosity of Linda, I got not one, but two tricolor girls.  Lyric matured to be a nice safe 14 1/2" .After producing a lovely litter of 4 puppies, Lyric later came down with pyometra and had to be spayed. She has now gone to live a life of fun and leisure with Michael and Lillie Thew. Her feisty sister, Stella, went to a wonderful home with Phil Laffey in Miami, Fl..  and their lovely blue merle brother, Bleu, is now living happily with Bill and Rita Oar in The Villages in North Florida.

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