Life before Dogs

From the time I was 9 years old, until I was over 30, I showed horses, Hunters - mostly thoroughbreds, first as a Junior and later as an Amateur Owner. I started showing my shelties in 1974, combining the two sports. In 1978 my father sold his property in Coral Springs, Fl and keeping horses on my own became too expensive so the show horses were sold and I went to showing only dogs. We kept my first horse, a 14.3 hand thoroughbred named "Last Stamp" and my sister's first pony, "Suits Me",  until their deaths, Stampie at 28 and Suits at 34.

Below are some pictures of a few of the horses I showed after we moved to Florida in 1969. Of them, Irish Lace was the most successful until she was injured at a show in Virginia (in the warm up area) and had to be retired. During her short career she won some large, competitive classes at class A shows in Kentucky and Virginia as well as Florida. She was also Fla Hunter & Jumper Assn !st Year Green Hunter and Amateur Owner Hunter Champion, as well as Central Fl Hunter & Jumper Assn 1st Year Green Champion in 1971.

The pictures below go from 1969 to 1978:

Anna on "Watch Me" at Gator Downs in Jacksonville, Fl


"Critic's Choice" - Pompano Beach, Fl

"Watch Me" in Jacksonville, Fl

   "Irish Lace" - Post Time Show, Keeneland Racetrack, Lexington Ky

"Irish Lace" - Richmond, Va

Anna and "Irish Lace"

Anna and "Amber Lass"

"Irish Lace" with her colt "Hidden Harbor" (sired by Coast Pilot)

Some of our horses at our home in Coral Springs, Fl

My sister, Felicia, with Amber Lass

Felicia with Ralphie

Felicia at a show on her equitation horse, Little Rock, an Arabian, Quarter horse cross.

Irish Lace's colt, Hidden Harbor, in Ocala as a yearling



I recently came across some really old pictures taken when we still lived in Connecticut. As I find them I will continue to add pictures from the long ago past. Some of the pictures have been damaged so I had to crop them way down. I've tried to put them in chronological order, but it was a very long time ago so I might have switched a few around. These pictures go from 1961 to 1965. We moved our horses to another farm in early 1966.

Anna with my first horse, Last Stamp, a 14.3 hand TB mare - 1961 Anna and Stampie schooling for our first shows
Anna and Stampie on an outside course in Westport Ct Anna with my sisters first pony Stormy
Anna on Stampie, Felicia on Stormy. I'm pretty sure we were having a lesson. Stormy was not a nice well mannered pony so I was required to stay close. Anna on "No Problem", an english import, at a show at Stoneleigh Prospect Hill in Greenfield, Ma -1963. "Suits Me" is in the background with his original owner, Mimi Cummin (now Wells)
My sister Felicia on her pony "Suits Me" and me on "No Problem" at the farm where we kept our horses in Ct. -1964 Anna and No Problem after winning a Jr Hunter class 1965
Anna on Generator. He was aptly named. Anna and Generator - he was my first (and last) Jr Jumper
Anna and Generator in a Jr Jumper class at River Farms in Ct. Anna on my sisters 13.2 hand pony Suits Me. I had pretty much outgrown him here. The picture was too badly damaged to be able to tell where it was taken.

Anna on No Problem followed by Felicia on Suits Me

Stampie with her filly, probably about 6 months old. This was another one of the badly damaged photos





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