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My most recent litter born September 15, 2010

Ch Highfields Remember When


Sire: Ch Cameo Dreamchaser (Chase)

Dam: Highfields Almost Winter (Facet)

Having no brothers and sisters this is Baby Denim with his toys
Denim at 4 month Denim Face at 4 months
Denim growing up - 18 months Champion Denim at 3 years

This lovely boy comes from a litter of one, but the quality was there if not the quantity. He was always very promising and had attitude to spare. He is shown above at 4 weeks and 4 months, as a young adult starting his show career, and finishing his Championship.

Thank you April Dunford (Summerlove Shelties) for all your help with him as a puppy, as well as the gorgeous 4 month pictures. And thank you to Gina Grosso (Charmaine Shelties) for the lovely presentation in the photo session.

Denim finished his AKC Championship on August 16, 2014. Heartfelt thanks go to Jessica Starbuck for so easily acquiring that final, oh so elusive major. She presented him beautifully He is co-owned by myself and Ellen Brown Ragland. Click on his name above to go to his page for more pictures and details.




From my second most recent litter whelped October 20, 2008

Because of the success of the previous litter between Highfields Winter Weather and Vankrols Taegan, Linda Vanderlaan of Vankrol Shelties offered me the opportunity to once again lease "Rosie" and repeat the breeding.

I thank Linda for her extraordinary generosity in not only allowing me to repeat this breeding, but in letting me take the pick puppy (and only female).


Highfields Almost Winter


Facet is pictured below at 8, 9, and 15 weeks. Despite obvious growing pains she is over all still looking good. She is finally coming out of the "uglies" and starting to grow some coat...with only 5 weeks to go, hopefully she will have enough by the National. The quality of most of the pictures suffered because I took them alone. With only the assistance of a grooming arm it's almost impossible to get them to stand nicely, especially as they get older. Hopefully better pictures are in our future!!

At 8+ months Facet is holding at 15  5/8" so she may get her own page soon. She has started her health testing and so far the results are:

vWD (Vetgen Report # 56457): Clear

MDR1 Gene Mutation: Normal/Normal

After the above litter (Denim) she has gone to live with her co-breeder and now co-owner, Linda Vanderlaan, Vankrol Shelties.


Facet face at 8 weeks

Facet body at 8 weeks

Facet in prison 9 weeks

Facet "free" at 9 weeks

Facet face (with teething bumps) 15 weeks

Facet body 15 weeks

Facet with baby Denim at 10 days

Facet and Denim 2 weeks


Litter number two - bred by Vankrol Shelties:

 Sire: Windmills I am Legend

On June 7, 2012, Facet produced her second litter. A blue merle girl, a blue merle boy and two tricolor boys. To complete my contract with Linda I was to get the pick puppy. Naturally I picked the blue girl (Hope). This was not to be however. On July 29 my sister lost her precious "Air Force One" son, Highfields Puddle Jumper, "PJ" (litter mate to "Badger" and "Lena") so I decided to take one of the tri boys for her, to help fill the void. He has been named "Highfields Twilite Time" and she calls him "Minute".

This breeding was repeated and on March 5, 2013 Facet produced 2 beautiful tricolor girls, a tricolor boy and a blue merle boy. Through the generosity of Linda I got the two tricolor girls. Lyric, registered as Highfields Ode To Joy, will be staying here with me, Stella has gone to a wonderful home in Miami.

Facet x Will - Litter #1  Whelped June 7, 2012
Hope- 8 weeks Minute - 8 weeks

Minute growing up

Minute and Tempest sleeping 3 months Minute Front
Minute at rest - 5 mo Minute body at 9 months


Facet x Will -  litter #2


Lyric (L) and Stella (R) at 7 weeks

Facets boys (Bleu on right) at 7 weeks

Lyric - 10 weeks

Lyric - 12 weeks

Stella and her "dog walker" Christine

Stella 11 weeks

Bleu's first day Sometimes in life
You just have to sit and smell the flowers Life is good

Bleu 4 months

Bleu 6 months







My third newest litter whelped February 16, 2008.

Sire: Highfields Winter Weather (Badger)

 Dam: Vankrols Taegan (Rosie - see below for picture) 

Rosie is a full sister to Tempest and Freshet, both pictured below as well as on their own pages. I leased her from her owner/breeder to breed back to her father. I am very pleased with the results:



Caper at 5 1/2 weeks

Headshot of Caper at 8 weeks

Breeze at 5 1/2 weeks

Breeze at 7 weeks

Pewter at 5 1/2 weeks

Pewter head at 7 weeks

Tackle at 51/2 weeks

Tackle's head at 7 weeks

Puppies outside at 7 weeks

Tackle and Breeze at 7 weeks

Caper and Pewter at 7 weeks

Breeze at 3 months

Tackle at 3 months


Caper  was named Ch Highfields Winter Landscape and will be remaining here. For updated pictures click on his name to go to his page. He finished his championship on 3/12/16

Pewter, now called Shiver, has gone to co-breeder (and friend) Linda Vanderlaan and will be named Vankrol Arctic Ice.

Breeze has gone to live with Gina Grosso and will be co-owned by Gina and myself. She will be named Highfields Winter Chill.

Tackle has gone to live with Vincent Ruiz, Gina's 14 year old son, and has been named Highfields Frostbite.   


Pictured below is Vankrol's Arctic Ice "Shiver" at 10 months and one year. What a difference a couple of months make!!

He is owned and loved by his co-breeder Linda Vanderlaan, Vankrol's Shelties

Shiver head - 10 months

Shiver - 10 months

Shiver 1 year

Shiver head - 1 year





From my fourth most recent litter born September 20th, 2005:

Highfields One for the Money


As the name implies, Dollar came from a litter of one, delivered by c-section. She is an adorable little bi-blue girl sired by Spats, out of Glider. She is pictured below at 8 weeks of age. She has lots of "attitude" to make up for her diminutive size. 

For more pictures visit her new page by clicking on her name above:


Dollar - 8 weeks

Dollar - 10 weeks




From my fifth most recent litter born April 26, 2003:

OTCh Highfields Gone Flying UDX4,VER,OM4, RN,NA,NAJ


By Shadow Hill's Polaris out of Glider

Click on his name (above) to view his page

Owned, loved, trained and shown by Mary Jane Kelley:




Pictured below from my sixth most recent litter, born November 29, 2001, are littermates:

 Highfields Wayward Wind CD- Spats -(ptd),

 sired by Badger out of Vankrols Showcase Signature,

 (a CH Golden Hylites The Phantom daughter) co-bred by

Linda Vanderlaan and myself.

Spats is shown here at 9 weeks and at 11 months -                                                     




and his brother:


Co-owned by Bob Henry and Linda Vanderlaan

pictured winning his second  major (of three) at 2 years old:



More promising puppies sired by:

Highfields Winter Weather


Litter 1: "Badger" ex Vankrols Tin Lizzie:

From the first Badger/Tin Lizzie breeding,

Full sister to Tempest, Sky (2) and Freshet (second litter)

and the mother of Caper and Facet is :

Vankrols Taegan


OFA Good


Litter #2 - "Badger" ex Vankrols Tin Lizzie:


Highfields Tropical Winds


OFA Prelim Excellent

Tempest was bred by Linda Vanderlaan and Elizabeth Rines and is sired by Highfields Winter Weather - "Badger" (10 Pts - Specialty Major) out of Vankrols Tin Lizzy.  He is very smart, showy and extremely athletic with a very outgoing, fearless personality. He has gone to live with my sister where he is very much loved. He is shown below at 14 weeks and at 7 months. For more pictures visit his own page by clicking above on his name.





Also introducing Tempest's litter sister:

Vankrols Heart Song


OFA Prelim Good

Freshet was bred by Linda Vanderlaan and Elizabeth Rines and is a littermate to Tempest and Sky2. She is sired by Badger and owned by her breeder, Linda Vanderlaan. Freshet is a petite 15 1/4" with a beautiful outline, sweet feminine face and nice movement. She made her debut at the SSC of SE Florida's  Specialty where she won a Sweeps class of 5. The following weekend at the Palm Beach Dog Fancier's show handled by Kathy Dziegiel she was "Best Sheltie Puppy" and went on to take a Puppy Herding Group 4.




And not to be forgotten, Tempest and Freshet's pointed litter brother:

Vankrols Midnight Blue

"Sky" (the second)

Sky is pictured below winning his first point at 18 months - still immature, but with a very showy attitude. The next two pictures were taken at 2+ years. The last picture was taken in March 2011. He has maturing into a lovely dog with a bright future ahead of him. Like his brother "Tempest' and his sister "Freshet" he is sired by Highfields Winter Weather (Badger) out of Vankrols Tin Lizzie and was bred by Linda Vanderlaan and Elizabeth Rines. He is owned and loved by John Gorbas and currently has 7 points





Litter #3: "Badger" ex JusDandy My Fair Lady:

This is a 4 Champion litter:

CH Twila

CT Seger


MACH Whisper

All 4 are pictured below with all their many accomplishments


CH JusDandy Twila Devine


OFA Excellent, CHIC Certified

Pictured below at 14 weeks is  "Twila", an eyecatching blue merle bitch sired by Badger and out of JusDandy My Fair Lady (Eliza), a CH Toven Wintertide daughter, bred by Claudia Frank and Joanne Killeen and owned by Claudia of JusDandy Shelties and Border Collies.

At 7 months Twila has fulfilled her early promise and matured into a nice, sound young lady with a good, showy attitude. In July 2005, Twila was WB/BOS at the Owenboro, Ky show. On Sunday, also in Owenboro, Twila took a major reserve. In September, at the Lexington Kennel Club show Twila was again WB and the following weekend, at the Clermont County (Ohio) shows, Twila was WB/BOS both days. Twila was expertly handled to these wins by Karen Aurelius, and they were all from the puppy class.

Twila took some time out to raise several litters of gorgeous puppys , including her 2 Champion daughters, Ch JusDandy Divine Mz M - "Emmy" and Ch JusDandy Diva Divine - "Diva", owned by Claudia Frank and Debbie Blazek.

Twila reccntly returned to the show ring and finished in grand style with two Specialty majors! 

Way to go Twila

Congratulations go to her breeders  Joanne Killeen and Claudia Frank, and her co-owners Claudia Frank (JusDandy) and Debbie Blazek (Eastbrooke).


Twila at 14 weeks

First points at 7 months

Ch JusDandy Twila Devine taking first major - Judge -Rick Thompson
Rock and Twila, Sire and Dam of the two beautiful girls below:

MBISS GrCH Emmy taking BOS at 2011 ASSA National

New CH Diva AX, AXJ, OF


Not to be overlooked are Twila's 3 brothers pictured below

(listed alphabetically by call name):

CT Lochinvar Night Moves GN,UD,RN


Seger head at 11 months Seger body at 11 months Seger finishing TDX

CT Seger

Seger head -adult

CT Seger and CT Taylor

"Seger" is owned and loved by Linda Baschnagel of Smithville, Mo. Quite a handsome young man!

In February 2007 he finished his TD (Tracking dog) and in February 2008 he finished his TDX (Tracking dog Excellent). This is an extremely difficult feat, and one that not a lot of Shelties accomplish, so I am very proud of both him and Linda.

But it doesn't end there. On Sat May 17 2008 Seger finished his RN title (Rally Novice), and is currently doing VST (Variable Surface Tracking). This is the third and most difficult to complete in order to finish a CT (Champion Tracker) title. There are currently a total of three CT Shelties. Linda's other dog "Taylor" (CT PS Lochinvar Tried to be Tri RN) is #2 and she hopes  Seger will be #4. Seger is the 35th TDX Sheltie in the history of the breed!


Seger has finished his CT (Champion Tracker) title becoming the fourth tracking Champion in the history of the breed!! Kennelmate Taylor is #2. They are pictured together above - Taylor at nearly 15 years!!

Congratulations to Linda and Seger. A lot of hard work went into that title

Not content to rest on his laurels, in April 2011 Seger finished the first leg on his Novice B CD (Companion Dog) title at the ASSA National. The first weekend in July 2011, Linda and Seger went to the Jefferson City Mo KC and Sedalia KC Obedience Trials to try to finish the remaining two legs on their CD title. Not only did they qualify at all three trials, they did so in style with scores of 195 1/2, 193 1/2 and 193 1/2 and three second place placements!

Another New Title for Seger!!!

In July 2012 Seger finished the new Graduate Novice title (GN) in THREE shows with THREE first places. I am so proud of all his and Linda's accomplishments. They are working on Open now.

On November 25th I got a great birthday present from Linda and Seger with the news that Seger had that day finished his CDX ! And, as usual, he did it in style. With his "insurance leg" he had 4 class placements, one first, two seconds and one third AND an average score of 193. What a fabulous team these two are!!

In 2013 they will be moving on to Utility. Incredibly, in March 2016, at the age of 11 Seger finished his UD!! There are no words to express how proud I am of this pair!

This litter has proved to be extremely versatile!



MACH3 JusDandy Category Three  OF


Trey is also pictured at 11 months. He is owned and loved by  Melody and Charles Magin of Westminster, Md .

Congratulations are in order!!

In September 2006, at the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater Baltimore, Trey finished his AKC Novice Jumpers with Weaves and his Standard Agility titles with one first and three second places. He exhibits a great work ethic, desire to please and to top it off has a lot of fun.

Starting off 2007 at the Charlottesville-Albemarle Kennel Club show Trey competed in AKC Open Agility and qualified 3 out of 4 times with two first and one second placement. He finished his Open JWW title in May  with a first place in the class.


The first weekend in April 2011 Trey and Charlie competed in the AKC Agility Nationals in Lexington, Va finishing 87th of 240 16" entries!

THEN the following weekend Charlie and Trey completed his MACH with perfect clean runs three days in a row.

In March 2012 Trey finished his MACH2, and incredibly, on November 11, 2012 at the Capital City Cocker Trial in Fredericksburg, Va., he finished his MACH 3!! So there's no slowing down for Trey either. He just keeps on doing his thing. And does it quite well I might add.

Below are some recent pictures of this team in action:


Trey doing weave poles


Way to go Trey!!

I'm very proud of this whole litter and always look forward to hearing of their many accomplishments!

Many congratulations to Melody and Charlie!!


Last, but certainly not least is the third brother:



OFA Excellent



  Whisper at 8 months Badger and Whisper  
  Whisper at 7 years Whisper headshot  
  Whisper and Joanne herding sheep on a wet rainy day  

Whisper is pictured above at 8 months, with his father as a young adult, and at a herding test. He is owned, trained and shown in all performance venues by his co-breeder, Joanne Killeen.   He has had a spectacular career in all the performance venues and exhibits great enthusiasm and versatility! To date, at the age of 7, he has already earned numerous titles in both AKC and UKC Agility, Herding, and CDX's in both AKC and UKC and has started training in Utility. On November 11, 2011, just 4 days after his 7th birthday, he completed the requirements for his MACH.

Joanne and Whisper have been working in Utility and as of August 2014 have 2 legs toward his UD.

Huge congratulations go to Joanne and Whisper!!




Wow, this boy is hard to keep up with!!

Congratulations Joanne!! You make me very proud


Altogether a litter to be proud of.

Below are some cute puppy pictures from the past:

The "Good" puppies


From  OTCH Brooke's second litter (and from left to right)

The blue lying in the front is Morgan, Highfields Morgan Blue, CDX

The tri is Cousteau, Highfields Out of the Depths (pts)

The blue next to him is Banyan, Highfields Silent Snowfall UDX (pts/OTCh pts)


This was what they really looked like:

The "bad" puppies




Updated April 2016



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